Social activities in Colombia

July 11, 2011

This week Onno and Joost carry out a support mission to Colombia. As part of an ongoing CBI assistance programme, they will support Proexport in developing and implementing a coherent Market Information strategy. It aims to harmonize and align all market information services carried out by this Colombian trade and investment promotion agency. Part of it is to stimulate cooperation between not only market information officers in Colombia, but to include foreign officers as well in gathering first hand information.

One of the key support areas of this week will be in the use of social media in obtaining and disseminating market and commercial intelligence. For instance, LinkedIn offers great opportunities to discuss with peers in industry groups but also to connect with experts and foreign buyers. Furthermore we will discuss opportunities of Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Google Alerts.

Stay tuned for more updates some pictures in order to obtain a taste of this fine country and its commited people.

Herre Visser

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