Market Intelligence

We know your new market

Identifying new market opportunities takes a lot of research and creativity. Globally Cool provides both. Using market-driven research and out-of-the-box thinking, our team of experts can find high-potential markets for you.

We conduct market research by using a best-market selection model that includes data analysis, assesses market demand and competitor activity, and identifies under-the-radar markets with untapped potential. Our model also includes overviews of market access barriers and expert outlooks.

New markets mean new customers, and new customers mean a more promising future for your organisation. Our market research services include:

  • Deliver solid marketing research
  • Identifying untapped potential markets
  • Create a foundation for a winning strategy

How we have already helped others

“We started Globally Cool to make International Business easier, introducing companies to new markets worldwide. For example, we have paved the way for exporters in Africa to bring products like baobab and acacia to the EU using pre-feasibility studies. We have achieved the status of being preferred market research partner with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs (CBI) through our longstanding history of cooperation. Helping clients around the world from the tourism to textile industries is simply our ‘thing’, so we really feel like there’s nothing we can’t do.”

Alfons van Duijvenbode

Senior trainer and consultant on international trade development and export marketing, more about Alfons

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For whom

  • International donors or NGO’s engaged in trade development and promotion
  • Trade promotion bodies
  • Sector associations and chambers of commerce
  • Private companies

Your benefits

  • Elevated levels of customer satisfaction with a high rated market information service
  • Enhanced research skills and state-of-the-art market information formats
  • Optimized information distribution through trade intelligence portal and social media
  • A knowledge management strategy and road map for long term sustainability
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Within a short period of time, you’ve taught us things that would have taken us years to learn. Thank you for mentoring and allowing us to benefit from your many years of experience.

Hajer Magdy International Relations Coordinator AEC Egypt

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