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In the 21st century, being actively online is a must. One of the most effective and fastest-growing methods is reaching potential clients and interested parties online. Digital marketing activities using social media and converting websites, have tremendous impact on companies and value chains to reach broader audiences.

How to advertise your business online? We stay on the cutting edge of an often-frenetic tech atmosphere to keep organisations visible by developing engaging SEO optimized websites and creating attention-grabbing content for the social channels.

Not only do we provide these services directly, we also have seen overwhelming success by training and coaching our clients in digital marketing for products and services along the way.

How we have already helped others

“A lot of companies don’t realise how accessible international digital marketing can be. As a result, they don’t see the immense benefits that a good online presence can have. A major part of securing a good place online is Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, as we call it in the business. This helps your website and linked content be on the top of the list of Google search results. As marketing consultants, we have seen impressive results by tapping the Vietnamese export sector and the Zambian tourism sector into the benefits of high Google rankings and enhanced online presence. Our work in SEO with Indonesian and Vietnamese seafood industries reach the #1 spot in Google searches!” 

Mariët Saakstra

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For whom

  • International donors or NGO’s engaged in trade development and promotion
  • National or regional governments
  • Trade and tourism promotion bodies
  • Private companies
  • Associations and its members

Your benefits

  • A sound strategy, including clear objectives, prioritisation of clients and selection of online channels
  • Operational support and practical suggestions
  • Quick wins for immediate improvement
  • Higher ranking in search engines like Google
  • Higher conversion: from visitors to clients
# $

I am very happy with the results of the digital marketing and e-commerce webinars and especially the coaching afterwards. I have good sales now and I was able to reach these results by following the e-commerce advice of your team.

Lusine Khachatryan Owner Bagine Fashion House

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