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Looking for a one-stop portal for your clients that also generates income? Meet our trade intelligence portals. We make sure this trade tool reflects your strategy, tailor the portal to your key clients, and integrate it with your services.

Throughout the years we have assessed, conceptualised, developed, and optimised portals with import and export data, qualitative market reports and business directories all around the globe. In other words: it’s in our DNA.

How we have already helped others

“My work in developing and implementing trade portals has really scaled the globe. We developed a one-stop-shop trade portal for sustainable exporters in the Bahamas. This empowered micro, small & medium-sized businesses to get involved in sustainable exporting there. I also worked with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council to launch a completely new Nigerian Trade Information Portal. Our team also successfully trained and coached NEPC staff on market information development, world trade data, online communication, research skills, and website maintenance.”

Onno Roukens

Owner, managing director and senior consultant & trainer, more about Onno

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For whom

  • International donors or NGO’s engaged in trade development and promotion
  • National or regional trade promotion organisations
  • Sector associations
  • Investment promotion agencies
  • Tourism destination marketing organisations

Your benefits

  • State of the art trade intelligence portal or destination marketing portal
  • Benchmarked against global best practices
  • Integrated with social media channels
  • Trade information officers and content managers trained
  • Knowledge management in place with documented procedures and manuals
# $

Our trade information portal is now well structured, easy to follow and the display is clear and elegant. The website assists in promoting the Vietnamese engineering sector to international buyers. It is the best chance to make a first impression!

Truong Chi Binh Managing Director Sidec Vietnam

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