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Looking for a business partner? We’re on it! At Globally Cool, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect businesses worldwide. We empower you to find valuable partners for long-term success.

We have a set of modular activities you can select from when looking to enter a new market or grow your client base in an existing one.

1. Buyer profiling – To find the right partner in a market you need to understand where your product fits in the market and what type of companies participate in the supply chain.

Before you start contacting companies, at Globally Cool we can help you define the right target group by identifying the type of market segment and distribution channel suitable for your product in a new market.


2. Enhancing promotion materials – In order to raise the interest of a potential partner, you should have attractive promotional materials with the right information.

At Globally Cool, we assist you adapting your brochures, website, social media postings, product images and videos so that your potential leads are interested in learning more about you and agreeing to meet with you.

3. Connecting with potential partners – Our matchmaking team will identify potential candidates in line with your strategy, qualify the leads, and arrange virtual or physical meetings.

Globally Cool has a wide network of companies and experts across many sectors and international markets, allowing us to connect you with potential customers in Europe and beyond.

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Globally Cool support MMAF and association team in conducting research for insights on the position of shrimp in the global markets and Facilitate meetings and workshops throughout the project-Globally Cool Project

4. To maximise the effectiveness of your meeting – It is essential to tailor your sales pitch to align with the needs and characteristics of the company you will be engaging with

We are happy to help you identify and highlight your unique value proposition during the scheduled meetings.

5. Building a solid digital marketing basis – Nowadays clients, both B2B and B2C, rely on several digital sources to make their purchasing decisions.

A one-on-one meeting might not be enough to convince your buyer. At Globally Cool we can help build a stronger digital presence to improve the outcomes of your B2B meetings. We support you in enhancing your digital marketing strategy,helping you generate more sales.

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Lebanon pavilion at Fruit attraction 23

6. Coaching to sustain business growth – At Globally Cool we are all about sharing good practices and coaching our clients to be successful in the future.

Therefore, we are happy to empower your marketing and sales team on how to add new international leads to your sales pipeline on a regular basis, so your business can keep growing consistently.

The B2B matchmaking can be done physically or virtually. Our digital matching platform and virtual coaching is a great solution in case matching events cannot be hosted physically. No matter the challenge, we continue to help companies connect around the globe.

How we have already helped others

For the Dubai Chamber, we connected 14 Dubai based food companies to more than 130 buyers and suppliers in the European and Middle East markets. Based on the company profiles and market strategies, we identified and qualified business matches, coached the companies with their pitch, and set up business meetings at the Anuga tradeshow. It resulted not only in numerous valuable leads, it also generated immediate sales. Within 10 days, the first containers of dates were shipped. The success of this business matching activity will enhance our partnership with the Dubai Chamber for more market entry and matchmaking projects in the near future.

Two events to bring buyers and suppliers from West Africa Africa and Europe together—those were the main ingredients of West Africa Connect. We supported UNIDO and ITC in coordinating the organisation of an online matchmaking event and a hybrid event in the ECOWAS countries in West Africa. It resulted in a knowledge sharing event with tens of international experts and business leaders and hundreds of new business contacts and valuable leads.

In another project, we helped the National Association of Serbian Prunes Producers establish a foothold with sustainable business for Serbian producers in the German market. The project has generated concrete export deals, which was a historic turning point for Serbian exports of prunes.

We have been a part of so many stories just like this, and we’re always on the lookout for new matchmaking opportunities.


  • International donors or NGO’s engaged in trade development and promotion
  • Businesses from emerging markets looking for new clients in the European market
  • European businesses looking for suppliers or outsourcing opportunities


  • Access to an extensive network of Asian, African and Latin American consultants, private sector decision-makers and highly ranked public sector officials
  • A proven model to identify and select candidate companies
  • Warmed up leads for successful and sustainable business matches
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Our New Horizons matchmaking program was a tremendous success as we led a delegation from the food and beverage industry to the Anuga tradeshow.
A big shout out to our supporting partner Globally Cool

Sufiyan Kazi Strategic Partnerships International Relations, Dubai Chambers

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