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Through the Globally Cool Academy, we offer three core online learning courses that can be delivered as live webinars or through self-paced learning:

  • Export marketing strategy
  • Web-based market research
  • Optimising digital marketing

Take for example our market research training. You will learn to use effective methodologies and online tools to conduct market research and identify potential business partners yourself. By the end of these or any of our other e-learning courses, you will not only have enhanced knowledge and an enriched skill set. You will also have a plan for ongoing improvement and for grabbing quick wins for immediate increased performance.

Each course includes 7-10 modules of 60-75 minutes, including live or recorded webinars packed with best practices and key success factors. Participants in Globally Cool Academy can also track their progress through online assignments and feedback sessions.

How we have already helped others

“Since I helped create Globally Cool Academy, we have delivered around 100 webinars for a digital marketing course and SEO training for companies in Latin America, Africa and Asia as part of an IPD program. Via our online learning academy, I also worked with my team on a digital marketing webinar series and a coaching program for Metrology Institutes and Standard bodies in the Middle East, on behalf of the German Metrology Institute (PTB). I take pride in the fact that we make customised programs with sector-related best practices designed around our own success stories.”

Herre Visser

Internet consultant, online marketing coach, and WordPress developer, more about Herre

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  • International donors or NGO’s engaged in trade development and promotion
  • National or regional governments
  • Trade and tourism promotion bodies
  • Private companies
  • Associations and its members


  • Customized training with hands-on coaching
  • Best practice-based materials
  • State-of-the art knowledge, skills and tools
  • Empower yourself and your staff
  • Concrete and practical improvement plan in hand
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Thank you for the excellent quality of the course, the instructors, and the great information taught during this whole month. It was really helpful and gave me lots of insights for an event that we are currently working on at Federacion Ecuatoriana de Exportadores.

Sebastian Moya International Business Developer Federacion Ecuatoriana de Exportadores

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