Harness the power of knowledge: We offer tailored E-learning solutions to build the capacity of SMEs to enter and expand in international markets.

  • Leverage your international training programs with our unique and personalised approach.
  • Benefit from our private label customised e-learning solutions and our 25+ years of experience training thousands of businesses worldwide.

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your SMEs.

E-learning modules for international business

We specialise in developing e-learning modules for international business. They are designed to equip your SMEs with the essential skills and knowledge for navigating the complexities of international trade. We offer, among others:

➔ Understanding international markets and identifying opportunities
  • Master international market research for your strategic decision making
  • Filter market requirements and standards that impact your business
  • Select distribution channels and segments that suit your proposition
  • Find the right business match to grow in the value chain together
➔ Crafting an international marketing and sales strategy
  • Develop an export marketing plan canvas on one page
  • Optimize your costing and pricing strategy for enhanced competitiveness
  • Foster your value proposition and cross channel promotion strategy
  • Get the most out of digital marketing, ecommerce and trade shows and missions
➔ Global Operations & Logistics
  • Costing & pricing
  • Export administration and organisation
➔ Integrating sustainability strategies for international market access
  • Identify and prioritise sustainability impact areas
  • Transcend from reactive compliance to proactive responsible business practices
  • Become a sustainability champion and create more value
  • Demonstrate sustainability performance and leverage your proposition


Our multidisciplinary team of experts has deep knowledge in various sectors, providing training that is tailored to your needs. These sectors include tourism, food and beverages, natural ingredients, spices and herbs, furniture, home decoration and home textiles, IT outsourcing/business process outsourcing and more.


Your e-learning programs will be designed to ensure that your participants can apply their knowledge and skills immediately. All modules are action-packed with quizzes and assignments and the participants will have access to practical tools such as: 

➔ Export Marketing Plan canvas

a strategic framework for developing a practical export marketing plan in one page.

➔ Export audit

assessment of your company’s readiness for exporting.

➔ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan

helps you developing your strategic vision and an action plan on CSR.

➔ Costing and pricing plan

supports market entry planning and includes exploitation budget and cash flow tools.

➔ Digital marketing assessment

evaluates and improves your international online marketing strategies and instruments.

All courses will be completed with concrete action plans.


We offer you engaging and effective educational experiences through the latest e-learning technologies. These include video learning, micro-learning and mobile learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software allows for video production and creation of human like personas in a wide range of languages.

To optimize the learning, we intensively use interactive functionalities such as: Quizzes, multiple choice & multiple select), Drag & drop sorting, Fill in the blanks, Scenario based questions and many more. 

Your benefits

  1. An added value private label e-learning solution, branded and customised to your needs
  2. E-learning courses that are highly interactive with tangible take aways by means of self assessments, strategies and plans
  3. Course content that has been developed through our competence and more than 25 years of experience in training business and support organisations in diverse sectors in over 50 countries.


    We have partnered with prestigious organisations like CBI and RVO. Together with CBI, we developed ten self-paced e-learning modules to cover the four main pillars of its redesigned Business Export Coaching manual. The learning experience was made even more engaging and thorough with the integration of innovative AI. In another project for RVO, we designed three dynamic e-learning modules, combined in a user-friendly platform.

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    Globally Cool developed 10 e-learning Modules on Business Export Coaching for the CBI Training Portal. These modules provide SMEs in developing countries insight in everything involved in exporting their products (to the EU). By using mixed methods and movies, Globally Cool were able to make interactive and interesting modules for our participants!

    Afke van der Woude Program Manager CBI