Workshop: Enhance the Destination Marketing Strategy of Toraja, Indonesia

This activity was part of the Sustainable Tourism Development Indonesia project and focuses on coaching national tourism organizations (NTOs), Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) and business support organizations (BSOs) and/or public-private partnerships (PPPs) concerning the aspects of destination marketing, branding, and promotion.

The project is envisaged to consist of:

  • facilitating the development and implementation of a national and/or regional sector export marketing strategy for the promotion of tourism on the European market;
  • enhancing marketing and promotion capacities of DMOs and BSOs in selected regions of Indonesia;
  • capacity building for destination branding on a national and/or regional level (if part of the marketing and promotion strategy);
  • supporting EU market entry in tourism in terms of destination/product promotion.

At the request of Swisscontact, this became more of a workshop/stakeholder session than a working session in a small group in Toraja.

The participants who joined the training in Toraja came from quite diverse backgrounds: local government, Tour & Travel Association, and DMO Toraja plus additional participants from Wakatobi.






Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion


  • Facilitated 2 days training session incl. presentations, facilitation of discussions and assignments, and sharing of experiences from Flores Tourism Promotion.
  • Prepared presentation material and assignments for the training sessions.


  • The participants have a better understanding of enhancing destination digital marketing strategy, and which instrument to use for which purpose.
  • The participants are able to design and implement an effective mix of the marketing instruments towards the priority target markets and B2B and B2C customer profiles.
  • At the end of the training, the participants have a better understanding of the key success factors for Roadshows.
  • The participants are able to prepare and implement an effective Roadshow.
  • The trainers have insight into specific knowledge or skill areas that may need follow-up attention to sustain or enhance the impact of the capacity building.