Training of Trade Attachés for Senegal fisheries & ITO sectors

Trade Attachés (TAs) from Senegal based in the EU, play a very important role in trade promotion and market connectivity. Since they are based in the target market, they have direct access and exposure to market information, networks and potential buyers. However, their contribution is often underutilized.

The goal of this project was to enhance the skills, knowledge, effectiveness, and efficiency of 15 European-based Senegalese TAs appointed for the fishery and IT Outsourcing sectors. We focussed on contributing to especially EU Market Intelligence as well as to the promotion of Senegalese export products and suppliers to EU buyers.



2020 – 2021



Type of activity

  • Coaching


We conducted seven webinars. These trainings sessions focussed on MI and Trade Promotion combined with self-paced learning, including recorded video’s, self-assessments, roleplays with EU buyers and CBI experts, and assignments.


Among the results are:

  • Group of Trade Attaches trained and coached.
  • Seven live webinars and related self-paced activities were delivered.
  • Online Learning Management System (LMS) was successfully set up and considered a promising platform for further activities in the future.
  • Identification of a range of quick wins and starting points for further improvement of the performance of the TAs and further collaboration with the home institutions.
  • The overall usefulness of the training was rated 4.1 out of 5 among participants.