Training and Coaching ‘Visit My Borneo’ – Roadshow Key Success Factors

The Sustainable Tourism Development project in Indonesia includes coaching of national tourism organizations (NTOs), Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), business support organizations (BSOs) and/or public-private partnerships (PPPs) concerning the aspects of destination marketing, branding, and promotion.

The objective of the 2-days training/coaching was to support the Team of Visit My Borneo, Indonesia in conducting an effective UK Roadshow to Manchester, Bristol, Gatwick and London towards (international) tour operators and influencers (press, bloggers).

As part of this project. we contributed to the Bali and Beyond Tourism UK Roadshow. It is a networking event focusing on the UK market, co-organized by EU partners. At each event, a variety of tour operators and accommodation suppliers from Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Flores participated, along with several tourism boards. All of whom are looking to expand their UK business and form/extend partnerships with UK operators of all kinds. The afternoon sessions included face-to-face discussions about product needs and demands along with short presentations given by the tourism boards and other attending governmental offices.






Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Trade Fairs and Missions


  • Facilitate 2 days of training / coaching session incl. presentations, facilitation of discussions and assignments, and sharing of experiences from Flores Tourism Promotion
  • Coaching and assignments on How to Do an effective road show
  • Coaching on preparing presentation material for UK Roadshow
  • Coaching on the job during the roadshow


  • At the end of the training/coaching, the team of Visit My Borneo:
    • Has a better understanding of the key success factors for roadshows.
    • Was able to prepare and implement an effective UK Roadshow by meeting and doing a presentation with 22 tour operators.
    • Was able to create a destination profile presentation for the UK Roadshow.
    • Has gained skills in scheduling an event with the local stakeholders to share the report and the leads in the UK Market.