Trade Promotion Collaboration sharing sessions on virtual fairs

The Trade Promotion Collaboration (TPC) is a partnership between SIPPO and other Trade Related Instruments Connected partners, such as IPD and CBI. On behalf of CBI, we participated in several online meetings about the future of virtual fairs. Different experts from the TPC network shared insights and exchanged ideas.

We contributed to several discussions such as:

  • What kind of scenarios can we devise for the market entry in a mid-term perspective (1-2 years), influenced by COVID-19 and beyond (non-COVID-related)?
  • How likely are physical fairs to return in the next 1-2 years, compared to hybrid or virtual fairs?
  • What differences exist within several sectors (e.g., fresh fruits differ highly from services in terms of promotion and doing business)?
  • What are the key success factors for virtual matchmaking and the role of BSOs?
  • Will new market entry modes develop in the near future?
  • How important will e-commerce and marketplaces become?
  • What kind of digital services (digital events etc.) can BSOs offer to SMEs in order to improve their market access?






Type of activity

  • Trade Fairs and Missions


  • Sharing best practices and tips.
  • Peer review, commenting on drafts of other experts.
  • Virtual meetings and working sessions.


  • Best practices shared in virtual trade promotion and virtual fairs.
  • Scenarios developed and prioritized.
  • Co-creation of a guide thanks to joint expertise and shared inputs.
  • Tips and advice generated for BSOs across the globe.