Supporting APEX Burkina in processed mango promotion

APEX Burkina has the mission to promote exports from Burkina Faso to the rest of the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Business Support Organisation had to cancel all the events and activities from March 2020. That is why a strong online presence is more important than ever. CBI has invited Globally Cool to conduct multiple activities in close collaboration with APEX, using the processed mango sector as a test case.

The CBI business case included, among others, the promotion of the APEX website among buyers in Europe. The project was divided into two phases:

First phase - Assessment
Focusing on the online promotion of processed mangoes to European buyers, Globally Cool and APEX both assessed APEX’s buyer portal, social media platforms, and its e-newsletter. Furthermore, both parties have explored opportunities in the area of virtual B2B events and in adding value to CBI’s market information.

At the end of the first phase, we advised on the next steps for CBI support, considering the actual implementation of online campaigns and activities for the processed mango sector.

Second phase - Implementation
In phase two, we worked with the APEX team to improve their buyer portal, content, and LinkedIn page.


Processed mangoes


2020 – 2021


Burkina Faso

Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Digital Marketing


  • We assessed APEX’s performance in the area of online promotion of the processed mango sector and its exporters towards European buyers.
  • We guided the local web developer (Switch Maker) in optimizing the buyer portal and presentation of the mango sector.
  • We optimised content (text, attractive & free images, SEO) for the processed mango page on APEX’s buyer portal, which can be used for promotion to European buyers.
  • We co-created a promotional sector profile for processed mango from Burkina in offline (print, PDF), online (portal content and download) and video animation format.
  • We developed an attractive infographic for the processed mango sector.
  • We have guided the APEX team in setting-up an APEX LinkedIn page, including a showcase page for processed mango, and a content calendar.


In multiple online meetings, we have guided the APEX team in assessing their online communication tools. We also provided templates for a sector profile, video animation and an infographic, and elevated the knowledge of the team on social media, the use of visual content software, and the use of content calendars.