Strengthening Market Information services for Paltrade

In order to build capacity at Paltrade and especially focus on Market Intelligence services, we have performed a number of training sessions on location during 2018.

We introduced, trained, and coached relevant staff members in the areas of market analysis, effective and attractive reporting, distribution and proactive (online) dissemination. On top of this, Globally Cool assisted in improving Paltrade's website, developing Standard Operation Procedures for the organisation, as well as assessing Paltrade's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and providing advice for the next steps.


Stone, marble, olive oil, tomatoes, capsicum, dates, sausages, IT outsourcing, pickles, fresh herbs, MENA, Palestine Territory


2017 – 2018



Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


Total of three mission weeks containing training/working sessions of relevant staff members in:

  • Market analysis of potential markets for exporters (MI-team).
  • Market analysis of sector profiling for international buyers (MI-team).
  • Developing short animation videos of market research reports (marketing & communication team).
  • Posting created content / reports / videos online (marketing & communication team).
  • Internal discussion sessions to analyse and advise on the most relevant and useful CRM-system for Paltrade (CEO / deputy/team members).
  • Internal discussion sessions to analyse and advise on web structure improvements (marketing & communication team).


After three extensive and successful missions, the following milestones have been achieved:

  • MI-team of Paltrade trained in performing analysis and comprehensively reporting on potential markets (for exporters) and sector profiles (for international buyers).
  • MI-team of Paltrade trained in building short video animations regarding potential markets and sector profiles (including the successful introduction of a new tool).
  • Development and online dissemination of 15 reports/profiles and 5 video animations (on Paltrade website & YouTube) by the MI-team.
  • Shortlist of five CRM applications which would be most useful within the organisation presented and discussed with management.