Strengthening Investment Promotion and Protection Agency (IPPA) of Kyrgyz Republic

We have supported IPPA in its ambition to be ‘the next good practice’! Supported by IPD, Globally Cool and IPPA have jointly developed new services for exporters and international buyers. The focus has been on online services development, with a state-of-the-art platform featuring export readiness checkers, interactive export guides, exporter directory and market information factsheets.

The goal was to support the BSO IPPA of the Kyrgyz Republic with a focus on online service improvement.

The export development team of IPPA was coached in improving their online export promotion services for Kyrgyz exporters and international buyers. A combination of different activities – such as needs assessment, on-site and virtual coaching sessions, and best practice benchmarks – leading to an improved portal. This portal helps Kyrgyz exporters find relevant information about foreign markets for their most important export products and international buyers find relevant information about the most promising export products and suppliers of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Walnuts, honey, kidney beans, garments, dairy, meat, prunes, dried apple, pickled fruit & vegetables


2018 – 2021


Kyrgyz Republic

Type of activity

  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Intelligence


The activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Needs assessment with IPPA and design of intervention plan.
  • Good practice benchmark of international BSOs (Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, USA, Africa).
  • Focus group with private sector / exporters of Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Inspiring the IPPA team with innovative formats and approaches.
  • On-site and virtual coaching on the job.
  • Coaching the local web developer.
  • Aligning activities with other donors (GIZ).
  • Sustainably embedding new services within the institution.
  • Monitoring and evaluation with IPD and IPPA.


Among the results are:

  • Potential market reports: market opportunity reports, product / market profiles, competitor reports, video animations.
  • Interactive export readiness checker with self-assessment and advisory.
  • Seven steps to export: exporter guide, online format for exporters to develop a customised export plan (including admin / monitoring part to check status), content available in English and Russian.
  • Searchable exporter directory of Kyrgyz suppliers (with over 100 profiles in the database).
  • Sector profiles showcasing Kyrgyz exportable offer (including video animation).
  • Market intelligence content year planning.
  • Trade fair checkers.
  • Event calendar: events of IPPA and international trade fairs and B2B events online.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: one FAQ for importers and one FAQ for exporters (18 questions and answers).
  • Directory of domestic Kyrgyz service providers.
  • Links to buyer databases.
  • Portal enhancement: among others creation of 2 separate sub portals (Kyrgyz exporters and international buyers).