Strategy development for Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture

We co-created a strategy for market information services for the Jordanese Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) to ensure local Fresh Fruits & Vegetables (FFV) producers have access to relevant market information regarding domestic and international markets.

The strategy development included an assessment of:

  • best practices of market intelligence in other countries.
  • the market information needs of exporters (and potentially buyers).
  • existing market information services and capacities in Jordan and within MoA.

On top of that, we co-created an action plan with services to be developed and the related financial model to ensure sustainability capacity building needs within MoA to ensure effective management of the services.



2019 – 2020



Type of activity

  • Strategy Development


To obtain the goals, we conducted the following activities:

  • Assessments
  • Co-creation and development of a strategy for market information and action plan
  • Field missions
  • Distant coaching


Among the results are:


  • Development of a ‘state of the art’ Market Information System, for promising markets for key products
  • Development of up to date information about legal & standards of the promising markets
  • Co-creation of an online directory of services in the area of quality management
  • Development / co-creation of good practices, latest news
  • Optimized current local market information

Dissemination & promotion

  • Development of an online MI platform including the promotion of it
  • TTT for upgrading the extension services of MoA including a small package of training and coaching

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Organizing a study tour with a concrete action plan for improvement of the online platform


  • Manual ‘how to’ including organizational structure and budget.