Sector profile frozen strawberries from Egypt

As part of its programme in Egypt, IPD from Germany has invited Globally Cool to continue contributing to the development of Business Support Organisations (BSOs). In this case, we further strengthened the Market Intelligence services of the Food Export Council (FEC).

We contributed to FEC’s request for a sector profile, showcasing the exportable offer from Egypt to foreign buyers. The purpose was to:

  • Develop a template for web content, detailing content, topics, structure, and figures/tables
  • Create a template for a downloadable infographic
  • Support in developing one final sector profile
  • Have a documented procedure in place
  • Conduct several coaching sessions.







Type of activity

  • Capacity Building


Our activities included the following:

  • Conducting workshops on how to develop a sector profile (using a pre-defined template)
  • Training FEC on how to develop an infographic
  • Co-creating the sector profile and infographic
  • Coaching and delivering feedback sessions on the development of the sector profile and infographic
  • Conducting several coordination meetings with FEC and IPD.


FEC successfully developed:

  • A sector profile for frozen strawberries from Egypt, which they will publish on their new website
  • An infographic (in English and Arabic) with highlights of Egypt’s exportable offer of frozen strawberries. This will be published through their new website, used in trade fairs and further disseminated within their network
  • Templates of a sector profile and infographic that they can use for developing profiles for other product groups.