Sector Export Marketing Plan and (online) community development for Senegalese fishery sector

In 2019 CBI started implementing a project within the fisheries sector in Senegal. It aimed for better jobs and increased, sustainable exports to the European market. The programme provided direct support to 15 Senegalese companies and improved the national available support systems (both public and private sector) for the export of sustainable fish to Europe. Globally Cool was invited to strengthen strategic collaboration within the sector.

The goal of the project was to establish a private and public group that will work together to enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of the fishery sector in Senegal. As a start, we helped design a Sector Export Marketing Plan (SEMP) and an operational plan. We worked on a separate project to ensure that all participating institutions (with a focus on ASEPEX) have the necessary capacity to implement the operational plan and that all knowledge developed during the programme has been transferred, in a concise way, to the different stakeholders. Also, we helped to create an online community group via Facebook and WhatsApp to foster dialogue and sharing of knowledge among the different stakeholders. Moreover, we have designed and developed a promotional online portal for the sector.




2019 – 2022


EU (general), Senegal

Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Coaching
  • Strategy Development


Among the activities are:

  • Facilitating stakeholder meetings, bringing public & private sectors together.
  • Guiding the stakeholders in creating a Sector Export Marketing Plan (SEMP).
  • Developing an online community and coaching of a local community manager.
  • Providing strategic support to Beg Ellek, the African label for sustainable fish.
  • Developing Senegal’s Fishery Sector Portal.
  • Engaging potential partners in the implementation phase of the SEMP.
  • Establishing a ‘group de travail’ with roles and responsibilities and an operational plan.
  • Implementation of the SEMP, including a promotional campaign through the website and social media (in the preparation of the SEG trade show in Barcelona).
  • Organising a strategic meeting for the presentation of the implementation plan.
  • Empowering ASEPEX and the private sector in preparing and organising personal meetings with the Government (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Fisheries).


Among the key deliverables are:

  • The seafood sector of Senegal has now a validated SEMP that has been disseminated to key stakeholders of the fishery sector.
  • Platform group members are committed and very participative contributing to good and productive discussions and finalisation of the SEMP. A private/public promotion council has been created.
  • Key markets in Europe have been identified and selected.
  • Some activities of the SEMP have been already implemented as the branding: logo, slogan, website promotional portal, market studies are being conducted by CBI and training programs and webinars have taken place.
  • Potential partners and financers have engaged in implementing SEMP’s activities.
  • Online community for knowledge sharing in the seafood sector set up with over 500 members.
  • Advisory provided to Beg Ellek, the African label for sustainable fish.
  • Social media guide and campaign, including a short report on agreements.
  • 6-8 published articles leading up to SEG Barcelona.
  • A guide for trade fair support has been developed.
  • Meeting minutes of empowerment meetings.
  • Presentation materials for a strategic meeting on implementation.
  • Draft operational plan for 2021 and 2022, including the agreement from stakeholders.
  • The exit strategy for CBI has been executed including a final strategic meeting.