Regional market study on moringa for Burkina Faso

One of CBI’s Natural Ingredients projects focuses on moringa and aims to help SMEs from Burkina Faso to help with the transition to a sector with sustainable production, diversification of products and a focus on different markets. Within this project, Globally Cool was commissioned to conduct a regional market study to analyze export potential on the African continent especially.

“What are the opportunities for Burkina Faso’s moringa products on the regional markets?” To answer this main question, we conducted a market selection, a market analysis, and a market entry assessment.

Our research delved into the potential opportunities for moringa products from Burkina Faso within regional geographical markets, particularly focusing on West and North African markets. The study concentrated on various moringa products, including dried and fresh leaves, oil, tea, and powder. The most important element in the research methodology was primary research. First, we distributed an online questionnaire across 20+ buyers and experts in West and North Africa. It was complemented by conducting around 25 interviews with buyers from Nigeria, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire.




2022 – 2023


Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria

Type of activity

  • Market Intelligence


The study was structured into three parts:

  1. Market selection:
  • Product description: detailing moringa products.
  • Potential markets: Long-listing 5-8 geographical markets.
  • Assessment: high-level evaluation of each market.
  • Shortlisting: selecting 3 high-potential markets.

We used an online questionnaire which was distributed through different channels to several moringa buyers and experts all over West Africa. It resulted in highly valuable input from 8 West African countries.

  1. Regional market assessment for the shortlisted markets:
  • Market appeal: identifying attractive market aspects for Moringa exporters.
  • Trend analysis: evaluating market trends.
  1. Market entry strategies for the three markets:
  • Requirements: standards for Moringa products to enter markets.
  • Distribution channels: strategies for product distribution.
  • Competition: analysing market competition.
  • Pricing analysis: product pricing in these markets.

In the data collection for the three shortlisted markets, we worked together with local consultants in the three markets. They helped us collecting local data for moringa products, including values, volumes, company profiles, prices, market channels, and more. In each market, we reached out to more than 7 sector peers.

In total, we conducted more than 25 interviews. Together with the peers contributing to the questionnaire in phase 1, more than 40 sector peers contributed with their knowledge and opinions to the market report.


Among the main results of the tailored moringa market study are:

  • The main opportunities for Burkinabe moringa exports are in Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Strongest opportunities are in added-value product segments such as moringa supplements, moringa oil, and moringa-based cosmetics.
  • Imported products are perceived as a premium product. There is a clear market opportunity if the message is well passed to consumers.
  • More and more opportunities arise in social media as online selling channel.