Project management and editing of 13 studies titled ‘How to respond to COVID-19 in [sector]?’

In May 2020, CBI asked for 13 sector studies to help SMEs deal with the effects of COVID-19 on their business. Globally Cool was invited to re-write, edit, and finalise the input from 13 sector experts to create these studies.

The goal of the studies was to provide SMEs with a step-by-step plan that helps them deal with the effects of COVID-19 on their sector. They consisted of recommended actions to ensure company survival and deal with the immediate effects, as well as actions to prepare for successfully doing business after the corona-crisis.

13 sector experts provided input, based on their extensive experience in the field. Globally Cool then re-wrote, edited, and finalised their input to create the 13 studies for:

  1. Spices and Herbs
  2. Coffee
  3. Cocoa and Cocoa Products
  4. Natural Ingredients for Health Products
  5. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  6. Processed Fruit and Vegetables and Edible Nuts
  7. Fish and Seafood
  8. Grains, Pulses and Oilseeds
  9. Apparel
  10. Home Decoration and Home Textiles
  11. Tourism
  12. Outsourcing
  13. Natural Ingredients for Cosmetics

Specifically, we edited the language to make it easy to read and re-wrote the text in one writing style, in compliance with CBI’s language requirements. In addition, we applied the CBI criteria for content and layout, to prepare the studies for publication on CBI’s market research platform. We also supplied a suitable and copyright-free image for each study. During this process, we conferred with each of the sector experts to clarify any potential doubts and optimise the content. The studies were published between May and July of 2020.






Type of activity

  • Market Intelligence


Among the activities were:

  • Editing/proofreading 13 studies
  • Phone/skype-calls with 13 sector experts


13 edited studies.