Pre-feasibility study Natural Ingredients Sahel region

What is the export potential of natural ingredients from the Sahel region? This project for CBI aimed to study the export potential of natural ingredients in the Sahel region, with a focus on baobab, acacia gum, fonio and moringa. The objective was to advise CBI on the opportunities of starting an export coaching program targeting the private sector in these countries.


baobab, acacia, gum, fonio, moringa, natural ingredients


2019 – 2020


EU (general)

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


Globally Cool has studied the potential for such a program in the five Sahel countries; Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Senegal. Activities included the following:

  • Review of existing available studies and materials. Globally Cool, but also other organisations, have conducted studies in the past on these products. Where possible we made use of the findings and conclusions of these reports.
  • Quantitative research, mostly involving analysis of production and export statistics from these countries. Also, an analysis of main competing suppliers from Africa and other continents took place. We cross-checked conclusions with market experts since official statistics don't always tell the whole story.
  • Qualitative input from sector and market experts, which we largely obtained at the Natural Ingredients trade fair in Paris, December 2019. We conducted several interviews with EU importers and buyers to obtain more in-depth information on current trends and on the potential of a CBI export coaching program for these products in the Sahel region.


The main deliverable of this project is a report in which we present our findings, analysis, and conclusions. We described the following:

  1. B2B / B2C segments and most common applications for baobab, acacia, fonio and moringa including an overview of similarities and differences between those.
  2. Most common trade channels in key EU markets.
  3. Analysis of production and exports of baobab, acacia, fonio and moringa in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Niger, and Chad.
  4. Analysis of producers and exporters based in the five Sahel countries, plus an estimated number of potential exporters eligible for CBI's program.
  5. EU market potential for baobab, acacia gum, moringa and fonio.

In the end, we proposed a selection of products and countries that are most feasible for a successful CBI export coaching program in the future.