Optimizing online presence for 25 Jordanian exporters

In order to assist Jordanian businesses to optimize their website and social media performance, Globally Cool went on a workshop mission to Amman.

The role of the Globally Cool experts was focusing on completing online export marketing ‎support to 25 exporters in Jordan. They conducted a two-day workshop followed by a 1-on-1 coaching session. The event was organized in association with the Jordan Chamber of Industry (supported by ILO). The aim was to enhance the online presence of the companies, in order to convert more visitors and followers into customers.






Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Digital Marketing


  • Export marketing workshop - Export Marketing workshop (2 days) for 25 companies in the plastic, cosmetics and packaging sectors in Jordan on effective marketing tools to the EU markets, in addition to guaranteeing effective trade fair participation to investigate and assure their readiness in terms of marketing materials and selling techniques.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching - Following the training above, the experts conducted a ‎1 on 1 coaching to 25 companies (half working day per company)‎, the 25 companies undertook an assessment from international experts for their marketing material and receive recommendations on how to develop or upgrade their marketing material (website or company profile or brochures or social media accounts).
  • Instruction photographer - The experts were guided and instructed a photographer who was contracted to provide 15 professional photos for each of the 25 companies to be used in the marketing tools upgrade. A deliverable of the workshop and the individual coaching was used as a reference and an instruction document for the photographer regarding which pictures should be taken.
  • Distant coaching - The expert kept in contact with all 25 companies through a one-hour maximum Skype or phone call ‎to follow-up on matters related to the services required, one ‎month after ending the contract.


  • The workshop aims to improve the knowledge and skills of SME staff in the field of marketing in order to upgrade their E-marketing capability. At the end of the workshop each participant:
    • is able to use/optimize the Unique Value Proposition and tagline.
    • is able to draft his/her web strategy in relation to major (EU) target groups.
    • is able to define critical success factors for an effective website strategy towards conversion.
    • is able to define the most important calls to action for his/her website.
    • is able to execute a usability self-assessment.
    • is able to recognize and use best practices in online marketing for their sector.
    • has increased knowledge of and is able to improve search engine optimization (SEO).
    • has increased knowledge about the opportunities of LinkedIn and is able to make use of them in relation to his/her website.
    • has relevant knowledge of relevant tools such as Google Analytics.
    • has a positive critical attitude towards the usability and visibility of his/her own website.
    • is able to optimize or develop a flyer / small brochure for the European market.
    • has shared knowledge and experiences with other colleagues.
    • is able to define the first draft of the next steps and take these next steps.