Matchmaking for Peruvian textiles

This project aimed to increase exports of Peruvian alpaca textiles to Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. Promperú’s sector vision is to become an international benchmark for the apparel and home decoration & textiles sectors, recognised for having a competitive offer in line with global consumption trends and articulated with the main international markets. Globally Cool has supported the Peruvian alpaca sector by identifying potential buyers in the target markets and subsequently conducting in-depth interviews with these potential buyers. In addition, a market study was conducted to develop strategic plans for the target markets, thereby facilitating the decision-making for the Peruvian alpaca suppliers.

We identified potential buyers from the target markets for alpaca clothing, accessories, home decoration and home textiles. This included the delivery of a database of 100 buyers, obtaining 50 profiles of potential buyers, and developing reports on the alpaca market. The project allowed us to get insight into the perception of Peruvian products in the markets that are the subject of the study, to identify and prioritize a list of products with the greatest export potential, and to determine a strategy to position the Peruvian offer.

Deliverables study Austria and Switzerland:

  • Deliverable 1: Longlist of 40 potential buyers from Austria and Switzerland
  • Deliverable 2: 20 detailed profiles of buyers of alpaca products from Austria and Switzerland
  • Deliverable 3: Powerpoint and virtual presentation with market report and findings of the research to Peruvian companies

Deliverables study Germany & Denmark:

  • Deliverable 1: Longlist of 60 potential buyers from Germany and Denmark
  • Deliverable 2: 30 profiles of buyers of alpaca home decor and home textiles products from Germany and Denmark
  • Deliverable 3: Market report for the alpaca sector in Germany and Denmark
  • Deliverable 4: PowerPoint and virtual presentation of the market report to Peruvian companies


alpaca textiles, alpaca home decor


2022 – 2023


Australia, Denmark, Germany, Peru, Switzerland

Type of activity

  • Business Matching
  • Market Intelligence


1) A longlist of potential buyers

  • Through desk research, potential buyers for alpaca products from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark were identified. Including industry portals, directories, databases, trade fair directories and our own internal CRM.

2) Buyer profiles

  • In-depth interviews with potential buyers in the target markets were conducted to get detailed information about the companies, their requirements and needs as well as opportunities for Peruvian exporters.
  • Additional information about the potential buyers and their product offers was retrieved through desk research.
  • For each buyer interviewed, a buyer profile report was created.

3) Market research report

  • A mix of quantitative and qualitative research was used to get insights into the market for (alpaca) textiles.
  • Based on desk research and interviews with potential buyers, a market research report was created to give Peruvian companies insights into the four target markets for alpaca home textiles

4) Presenting the results to Peruvian companies

  • A PowerPoint presentation was created to present the results of the study to the client and Peruvian companies, through a virtual presentation.



Among the key results from both studies are:

  • Long lists of potential buyers: 40 potential buyers from Austria and Switzerland and 60 potential buyers of alpaca home textiles from Germany and Denmark.
  • Buyer profiles with detailed information about the companies's needs and requirements completed: 20 buyer profiles for Austria and Switzerland and 30 buyer profiles from Germany and Denmark
  • Market research reports were created: these market reports contain detailed information about the (alpaca) textiles sector in Austria and Switzerland and the (alpaca) home textiles sector in Germany and Denmark
  • Virtual presentations of the market research studies have been presented to the Peruvian alpaca suppliers/exporters