Matchmaking for Café Najjar – Lebanon

In 1957, Café Najjar began as a small artisanal roastery in Beirut. Today, it’s a leading company with a majority share of the Lebanese coffee market and a thriving global export business to 48 countries worldwide. We teamed up with them to work on market expansion in the Gulf region and beyond.

Najjar sought to expand its reach into new markets, particularly through overseas sales. To achieve this goal, they enlisted the expertise of Globally Cool to help them establish new partnerships during Gulfood in Dubai.


Coffee and related products





Type of activity

  • Business Matching


Among the activities were:

  1. Buyer profiling and export readiness check

During this phase, we have:

  • Assessed the compliance with specific target market requirements and standards
  • Defined a target market, segment and distribution channel
  • Formulated an ideal buyer profile
  1. Upgrade promotional materials.

In the second phase, we reviewed the company’s brochures and identified quick wins for the website and social media.

  1. Connecting with potential partners and scheduling meetings

Armed with the ideal buyer profile, we have searched for suitable B2B partners aligned with the company's requirements. This has led to a long list of potential buyers. During the shortlisting phase, we aimed to arrange a minimum of 2 meetings per day, providing ample opportunities for meaningful interactions.

  1. Evaluation and follow-up

With Najjar we have evaluated the outcomes and activities, in order for both parties to learn and improve. We also agreed on follow-up actions.


As a result of the longlisting and shortlisting phase, we were able to generate a comprehensive list of potential buyers from sources like web portals, directories, trade fair lists, social media, competitor analysis, private networks, local partners, and expert connections. Most important, we provided an overview of the potential buyers, including contact names, positions, contact details and status of each of the leads. Moreover, we have provided a meeting overview, used during Gulfood.

Najjar secured promising prospects as private label partnerships in various markets ranging from GCC such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to Egypt, Europe, the UK and Kosovo. Out of the more than 16 leads that were established, Najjar is expected to engage in at least 9 partnerships.