Matchmaking between Minjara and furniture buyers from Europe and Middle East

Facing a crumbling industry and a massive drop in furniture manufacturing, the Private Sector Development (PSD) Program, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France with local and international partners, identified an opportunity for a potential revival of the wood industry in Lebanon. Within this scope, Minjara was established.

Minjara was created as a platform to support the carpenters in Tripoli by opening new sales opportunities under their own brand. To achieve this, Minjara developed two lines. An Essential Collection for the local market, designed by a team of the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (Alba) and a collection of high-quality wooden furniture for international markets made by several designers.

To revive the carpenter sector in Tripoli, Globally Cool assisted Minjara in getting ready for exporting furniture to international markets through different activities, ranging from best market selection to matchmaking and attending several events. For the matchmaking, Globally Cool provided support in planning and implementing four commercial micro events around different trade shows in the selected markets. We organised and scheduled meetings with potential buyers from Europe and the Middle East. The objective of this assignment was to facilitate and schedule 9-10 meetings per event between Minjara and buyers in the target markets.




2022 – 2023


Italy, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates

Type of activity

  • Business Matching
  • Connecting
  • Market Intelligence
  • Trade Fairs and Missions


This project has three main assignments, which are subdivided into several activities.

  • Organising and implementing four matchmaking events around different trade shows:
    • B2B matchmaking event and Trade Fair Intelligence mission at Index Dubai in May 2022
    • B2B matchmaking event and exhibition at Creative Nation 961 in Abu Dhabi in November 2022. This event was organised by the Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi, where Minjara had the opportunity to showcase their furniture during the event.
    • B2B matchmaking event and Trade Fair Intelligence mission to the International Furniture Exhibition Salone del Mobile in Milano, Italy in March 2023
    • B2B matchmaking event and showcasing Minjara furniture at Index Dubai May 2023.
  • Longlisting over 150 potential buyers through desk research and trade show visits.
  • Shortlisting through direct contact with over 150 potential buyers through phone calls, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and/or email.
  • Arranging meetings with 9-10 potential buyers per event by contacting high-level representation of companies through direct phone calls, LinkedIn WhatsApp and/or email.


During the events, over 80 meetings between the Minjara team and potential buyers (interior designers, galleries, retailers, wholesalers, importers, contracting firms etc.). The buyers were from UAE, Saudi, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Russia, Italy, Cyprus, France, Turkey and Canada, The Netherlands and Belgium took place in UAE and Italy.