Matching hot processed Serbian fruits and vegetables with international buyers

Serbia’s fruits and vegetables (F&V) industry is one of the leading sectors of the Serbian economy. Even though there are many small F&V producers, their export potential is relatively low. This is due to a lack of structure and linkages with the local traders and international buyers.

The purpose of this activity was to assist the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) by conducting a market analysis and by supporting the export growth of small, medium, and large Serbian F&V processing companies.

This activity helped to showcase the perspectives of the Serbian domestic food processing industry. It also revealed the roads to global value chains and interfirm linkages. It created a shift towards expanding market segments, for example, Industry, Hotels & Restaurants and Private Label. Furthermore, it also helped to define improved strategies for Serbian F&V processing companies.


Jams, purees, dried and canned products


2020 – 2021



Type of activity

  • Business Matching
  • Strategy Development


The activities took place in the following sequence:

  1. Conducting profound market research for selected heat-processed F&V market segments (Industry, Foodservice, Private Label) in targeted export markets (EU, EFTA, and CEFTA).
  2. Identification of priority fruits and vegetables typical for the key F&V growing regions in Serbia with the best chances to be produced competitively. Focussing on added value (processed) products with high growth potential.
  3. Examination of availability and competitiveness of resources necessary for heat processed F&V products (raw materials, suppliers base, human capital, technologies, and production capacities).
  4. Development of sector export strategy for Serbian heat-processed fruits and vegetables, applying a value chain-based approach.
  5. Supporting the development and delivery of virtual introductions for the Serbian firms to targeted European buyers.


The project helped the attendees to gain a better market understanding, an improved strategy formulation, and introductions to new and previously unknown European buyers of hot processed fruits and vegetables.

  • Market analysis revealing new export markets and opportunities for diversification for Serbian fruits and vegetables.
  • Development of sector export strategy
  • 25 market linkages facilitated
  • Virtual presentations of Serbian firms to international buyers