Market profile for fresh papaya from West Africa to regional and European markets

Globally Cool conducted a comprehensive market profile that shed light on the opportunities, challenges, and requirements associated with fresh papaya in Europe and West Africa. This study aimed to provide valuable insights into the European market for papaya and its potential for exporters from West African countries, especially Ghana.

This project involved extensive research and analysis to identify potential markets, understand supply and demand dynamics, and gather insights from industry experts and stakeholders. The activities conducted during this project included desk research, primary research at Fruit Logistica, outcome analysis, and reporting. We researched several topics, ranging from trade statistics to trends, legal and buyer requirements, as well as logistics.







Type of activity

  • Market Intelligence


The activities conducted during this project included desk research including qualitative information and data analysis, primary research, outcome analysis, and reporting.

Activity 1: Desk research
To gain a deep understanding of the market landscape, we conducted desk research, analysing both qualitative information and data from primary and secondary sources. We delved into statistical data shared by Colead, FAOSTAT, CEPII BACI, Eurostat, and the UK Statistical Office. These sources provided crucial information on supply, competitors, and potential markets. Additionally, we used platforms like Tridge, CBI's market information, Fresh Plaza, Access2Markets, and Global and Export Helpdesk to identify export windows, trade potential, and mandatory requirements. Reports from CBI, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and trade news portals such as Fresh Plaza were also used to validate our findings and pinpoint specific opportunities for West African suppliers.

Activity 2: Primary research
To complement the desk research and gather first-hand insights, we conducted primary research through one-on-one interviews and field research at Fruitlogistica 2023. The interviews involved engaging with industry stakeholders, including papaya buyers, consultants, exporters, representatives from organizations like GEPA Ghana, FAGE, PAMPEAG, and Fruit Import or Trade Associations from prominent European markets. By conducting these interviews, we obtained recommendations, sector perspectives, information on challenges, and insights into promising markets and current developments. Additionally, attending relevant presentations, panel discussions, and other events at Fruitlogistica further enriched our understanding of the market.


The market profile created for fresh papayas from West Africa provides valuable results and insights for regional and European markets. The study includes various aspects, such as product presentation, main producers and exporters, market trends, legal requirements, marketing mix considerations, and the organisation of the supply chain. The profile also identifies key opportunities for fresh papayas from West Africa in regional and European markets, along with recommended strategies and actions for suppliers and exporters.