Market Intelligence training and coaching for several BSOs

To increase your market presence, you need to have in-depth knowledge of your target markets and its players. But gaining market intelligence is just the first step. We supported six BSOs in implementing newly gained market intelligence skills and techniques.

The BSOs involved were:

  • Corpei, Fedexpor, ProEcuador and the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador.
  • Food Export Council (FEC) and the Agricultural Export Council (AEC) in Egypt.

Many of the BSOs already offered market intelligence products, such as competitor analysis, product fact sheets, market opportunity reports, and market fact sheets. Our experts intensively coached the organisations on how to level up their market intelligence services.

The comprehensive programme consists of weekly training, coaching sessions and assignments for the participating BSOs. With our coaching, they managed to launch new services in market diversification, best market selection, and market opportunities.


Grapes, frozen strawberries, nature tourism, fruit pulp, pitahaya, frozen fruits, and snacks




Ecuador, Egypt, Uzbekistan

Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Market Intelligence


  • Conducting hands-on coaching sessions.
  • Providing feedback to several draft reports.
  • Conducting guided trade fair visit at the food fair Anuga in Cologne, Germany, in October 2021.
  • Preparing and coaching in conducting interviews with buyers and experts.
  • Introducing new tools for data analysis and creating infographics.


  • Agreed on templates for new MI services, including best market selection, analysis of promising markets, product / market factsheets and a guide for post-covid tourism recovery.
  • Methodologies and skills transferred.
  • New reports introduced by BSOs, covering, among others, grapes, frozen strawberries, nature tourism, fruit pulp, pitahaya, frozen fruits, and snacks.