Market Intelligence on Home Decoration & Home Textiles 2023

Our extensive portfolio of exporting HDHT products to Europe supports suppliers from developing countries who would like to enter the European market. It provides them with up-to-date information, concrete tips and good examples.

In 2023, we delivered 3 sector modules. Our trends module discusses key trends in HDHT, such as the increasing interest in wellness and sustainability. The market statistics module contains data on the European demand for Home Decoration and Home Textiles products. The buyer requirements module offers a comprehensive list of legal and non-legal requirements. In addition, our sector-wide intelligence included 4 special studies on doing business, finding buyers, going green, and becoming socially responsible.

We also created new factsheets on 4 specific HDHT product groups and updated a further 4. These studies cover product-specific trends, trade statistics and buyer requirements, as well as an analysis of the competitive landscape and market channels & segments. They also include extensive product descriptions and price information.

To accompany our studies, we wrote a news item on a hot topic in the sector. We also created a presentation to share some of our findings with our target group.





EU (general)

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


  • Analysis of trade statistics on:
    • imports into Europe (including from developing countries specifically)
    • imports into leading European countries (including from developing countries specifically)
    • leading suppliers to Europe
    • exports from Europe
    • production in Europe
    • consumption in Europe
  • Analysis of additional indicators and sources
  • Interviews with sector experts
  • Webinar attendance
  • Desk research using information from sector associations, HDHT trade reports and magazines, social media, etc.


Sector-wide intelligence on:

  • trends
  • market statistics & outlook
  • buyer requirements
  • doing business
  • finding buyers
  • going green
  • becoming socially responsible

Product factsheets on:

  • decorative objects (update)
  • garden furniture (update)
  • lighting
  • plant pots
  • salad sets (update)
  • teaware
  • trays
  • vases (update)

News item:

  • Colour trends in HDHT are slowing down


  • Webinar – Sustainable Innovation