Knowledge sharing session for the Destination Promotion Toolbox for tourism BSOs

CBI, ITC, SIPPO, and IPD teamed up to develop a Destination Promotion Toolbox for Tourism BSOs. The Toolbox is part of the work of the Trade Promotion Collaboration (TPC), an initiative in which the counterparts cooperate to pool their know-how and create state-of-the-art content for import promotion. The TPC aims to promote the transfer of high-quality knowledge from all network partners to BSOs, on a regular basis and in a standardized way.

CBI has requested Globally Cool to organize a knowledge-sharing session with the programme managers and CBI consultants. The objective of the knowledge-sharing session was to make sure:

  • participants gained knowledge about the TPCs Destination Promotion Toolbox for tourism BSOs.
  • participants had the skills to find quality information quickly and effectively in the TPC toolbox.
  • participants felt more committed to CBI and will have a positive attitude towards the toolbox.
  • participants developed input for an improvement plan for the TPC toolbox, including recommendations on how to ensure the content of the TPC toolbox will be kept up to date.






Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Capacity Building
  • Coaching


Among the activities are:

  • Organizing an online CBI Expert day to share knowledge about the Destination Promotion Toolbox, thereby combining small working group sessions (in break-out rooms) with plenary sessions to discuss the outcomes.
  • A workshop report, including an improvement plan with quick wins to optimize and enrich the toolbox and to recommend how to assure the content will maintain up to date.


The participants were very enthusiastic. 100% agreed that the TPC toolbox is a goldmine for CBI consultants and CBI programme managers. 65% of the attendees is very likely to recommend the TPC toolbox to colleagues, whereas 35% is likely to recommend the toolbox.