Jordan National Metrology Institute Website Development

In 2020, the Jordan National Metrology Institute (JNMI) participated in a webinar series on digital marketing to enhance the capability of the institute in digital marketing. During the training, the JNMI team conducted a self-assessment of the website and rightly concluded the website desperately needed an update. The Globally Cool consultants reached the same conclusion with their assessment.

In the course of 2021, PTB agreed to support the institute with the development of a new website. Globally Cool was assigned to redesign and develop the website based on the improvement plan that was developed during the training and coaching sessions.

The objectives of the JNMI’s website development project were:

  1. To develop and deliver a fully functioning, state-of-the-art website that is mobile-responsive, secure, and SEO-optimized with a site map and key content. The website should be made in accordance with the improvement plan developed together with the JNMI team during the training course.
  2. To develop and deliver manuals for the use of the content management system and to train JNMI content managers on the effective and efficient use of the system.
  3. To migrate the website to the hosting provider contracted by JNMI.






Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Digital Marketing


Website Content Management system
For the development of the JNMI’s website, we used WordPress and the DIVI theme, which is very user-friendly, fully customizable, and has a big community of WordPress developers that can support that, including in Jordan. As such, JNMI can easily contract (freelance) developers to provide support when needed for technical updates or extensions in the future. We have provided the relevant solutions for multi-language (Arab and English), Search Engine Optimization, image compression (Smush), and security.

Hosting requirements
To ensure good performance, website hosting should comply with the latest requirements of WordPress. We have advised the JNMI team accordingly and provide recommendations for good hosting providers.

Website design
The design of the website is based on:
• the corporate identity, colour scheme and font types as used by JNMI.
• best practices of websites by metrology institutes (as shared during the training course).
The proposed web design was presented by means of a mock-up and approved by JNMI.

During the process of website development, the website sitemap was adjusted for easier navigation.

Content creation
Content in a form of high-quality images and text description, both in English and Arabic, were provided by JNMI. Our team made adjustments to help make the content SEO-friendly and proofread for better online presence.

For the findability in search engines such as Google, we have included the priority keywords of JNMI, as defined during the training course, in the content and metatags and alternate tags. We also included the SEO plugin.
The priority keywords are:
• Metrology Services in Jordan
• Calibration Laboratories in Jordan
• Metrology consultation in Jordan
• Metrology training course in Jordan

Training WordPress content management system for JNMI staff
We conducted a two-day training and handover of the JNMI website. We also handed over website manual documents to the JNMI team, including:
• User manual
• Website backup manual
• WordPress plugins update manual
• How to create new and translate news & events manual
• How to translate pages to Arabic with the DIVI builder manual


In summary, we achieved the following results:

  • Fully functioning website in English and Arabic, mobile-responsive, secure and SEO optimized—live at
  • Development of several manuals for content management.
  • JNMI staff trained for the WordPress content management system.