German Import Promotion Desk (IPD) aims to strengthen partner Business Support Organizations (BSOs) in advising and/or training local SMEs. To develop the capacities of BSOs to offer demand-oriented export-related business services, the IPD implements several activities. In this particular project, the IPD aimed to build the capacities of several BSO partners by offering Market Intelligence training during the ANUGA trade fair.

This project aimed to build capacities of 5 different BSOs on Market Intelligence during the ANUGA trade fair in Cologne – one of the leading trade events for the food industry worldwide. The training focused on joint and individual parts that eventually contributed to the improved services of BSOs in the frame of Market Intelligence.

The following BSOs took part in the training:





EU (general), Jordan, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uzbekistan

Type of activity

  • Capacity Building
  • Trade Fairs and Missions


This assignment consisted of the following activities:

1) Two pre-fair training sessions:

  • A virtual trade fair preparation training to teach BSOs what steps to take in order to prepare for collecting MI at a trade fair.
  • A virtual, interactive follow-up training session in which the BSOs presented their trade fair plans and received feedback from the experts

2) On-site coaching at the ANUGA trade show

  • Coaching BSOs on an individual level on how to analyse trends at a trade fair, how to prepare and conduct interviews with buyers and competitors, competitor benchmarking, and benchmarking country pavilions.
  • Group sessions to prepare, evaluate, and present the findings of the MI assignment.


  • We delivered two pre-fair, interactive training sessions to guide the BSOs in how to prepare for and collect market intelligence at the ANUGA trade fair. This resulted in the BSOs having developed an MI trade fair plan.
  • The BSOs have gathered market intelligence by conducting interviews, attending events and benchmarking good practices.
  • The BSOs learned how to conduct solid interviews with potential buyers, benchmarked competitors, and visited country pavilions to benchmark other BSOs and check out sector/product branding.
  • The training allowed the BSOs to gather and disseminate market information. This will be included in e.g. export guides and advisory to help their members get a better understanding of how to enter the EU market and what the needs and requirements of the potential EU buyers are.