Indonesian shrimp brand development

Indonesia is the number one shrimp supplier in the USA and exports breaded, cooked, and marinated shrimp products, with an export market worth 2 billion USD per annum. The sector has the ambition to expand further in the USA and also grow in the Chinese and European markets. Sector-wide branding initiatives support this ambition, and Globally Cool was happy to contribute to the development of a new brand with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), members of the AP5I (Indonesia Fishery Product Processing & Marketing Association) and Forum Udang Indonesia.

When it comes to creating a branding strategy, it is important to answer questions like: ‘What is your place in the world?’, ‘How will the brand come to life?’ and ‘How to keep the brand fresh’. We were commissioned as the experts to guide the MMAF and members of the AP5I in this journey to a new sector-wide brand.







Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategy Development


  • Support MMAF and association team in conducting research for insights on the position of shrimp in the global markets.
  • Facilitate meetings and workshops throughout the project.
  • Development of brand expressions.
  • Development of a brand manual.
  • Support development of a promotion website, draft sitemaps, website design guidance, and content preparation.
  • Creation of a playbook for the launch of Indonesian shrimp on the Seafood Expo North America in Boston and Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona.


As a result, we co-created a branding and promotion strategy for Indonesian shrimp. Among the methods used were interactive online sessions of brainstorming using Jamboard and polls to collect measurable input to develop the brand story of Indonesian shrimp.

This ultimately led to the vote for the logo and the tagline “Discover the taste of 17,000 islands,” which emphasizes Indonesia’s unique archipelago, its cultural diversity, and their tradition and expertise in shrimp production. To add the element of trustworthiness to the brand expression, we also included a quality stamp to the brand concept.