Identifying opportunities for Ecuadorian products

As part of project CREA (Camino a la Reactivación del Ecuador Agroalimentario), Rikolto International is actively involved in promoting and developing Ecuadorian products tailored for the European Union markets. These products include processed bananas, plantain, soursop, and guayusa. To facilitate this endeavour, Globally Cool experts have conducted comprehensive market studies tailored to these supply chains.

The objective was to identify new markets and opportunities within the EU market. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research activities, four distinct market studies were carried out, focusing on European markets with the highest potential for these agricultural products.


Banana, plantain, soursop and guayusa


2023 – 2024



Type of activity

  • Market Intelligence


Among the activities are:

  • Quantitative research: we analysed relevant trade flows (using ITC TradeMap, MarketAccess and UN Comtrade, among other tools) and assessed the attractiveness of the product using different criteria.
  • Qualitative research: we conducted interviews with industry experts, buyers in the target markets, and associations in each sector to evaluate/validate the quantitative results.
  • We created a matrix in which we scored each product for each strategic target market.


  • We delivered a report in Spanish, for each chain.
  • We prepared a PowerPoint presentation by chain with the main information collected in the study.
  • We presented to the four value chain stakeholders the main findings of the studies.