Identification of new markets for Peruvian alpaca home textiles in Europe

Globally Cool has supported PromPeru in identifying potential markets and buyers in the European market for Peruvian alpaca home textile products. The project was focused on Peruvian alpaca blankets, as this is Peru's main alpaca export product. It was done through a blend of desk research and field research including identification of warm leads in key markets such as the UK.


Alpaca home textiles, alpaca blankets




EU (general), France, Peru, United Kingdom

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


  • Analysis of the market potential in the EU for Peruvian alpaca home textiles, based on trade flow analysis and competitor research.
  • Collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information through primary and secondary sources in the European region.
  • Conducted in-depth telephone interviews with selected potential buyers in the UK for the Peruvian offer of home textiles, mostly specialized importers and retailers.


  • Prioritisation of three EU markets with the highest export potential for Peru.
  • Identification of 10 potential buyers for the top three EU markets (UK, France and Germany).
  • Detailed company profiles of buyers in the key market (UK).
  • Report with the main results and recommendations.