Future-proofing the AACCSA training institute

Considering the global pandemic, the training institute of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) needed to shift from live, physical trainings to an e-learning platform. Our consultants assisted them in setting up an e-learning platform and creating the educational program of the first three courses.

Together with AACCSA, we chose to create a non-live video learning environment, including three digital marketing courses:

  • Optimizing your website for international success
  • How to get a high ranking on Google
  • Optimizing social marketing for business

Every course consists of chapters with an introduction video, a quiz, and an assignment. After completing all chapters, the student takes a final test and receives a certificate. All three courses combined give participants a great start in boosting their digital marketing.



2020 – 2021



Type of activity

  • Capacity Building
  • Coaching
  • Digital Marketing


  • Project management, including weekly meetings with the AACCSA team to discuss project progress, course subjects, and planning.
  • Developing an outline for three digital marketing courses, including many authentic examples from businesses all over the world.
  • Coaching the AACCSA team into setting up an e-learning platform, including assignments, tests, and certificates.
  • Coaching the AACCSA team on video production, such as scripting, editing, creating visuals, and video recording.
  • Co-creating AACCSA’s e-learning strategy to future-proof the training institute, including focus on subjects, human resources, planning and budgeting.


  • Created new e-learning platform for AACSA
  • Developed curriculum, consisting of three e-courses:
    • Optimizing your website for international success
    • How to get a high ranking in Google
    • Optimizing social marketing for business
  • Trained and coached AACSA team in delivering the courses.
  • Transferred knowledge and skills on e-learning.