Export strategy for Black Garlic

For an innovative Dutch manufacturer of garlic products, Globally Cool conducted an export potential analysis.

After an internal analysis of the company through a few meetings with the management of the company, Globally Cool made a scan of potential markets for the innovative garlic product. This was based on a set of agreed variables, among which are for example the total market size of (traditional) fresh garlic, but also input from online trends in search behaviour was taken into account, along with demand for products with a comparable taste.

Following our advice for one specific market in Europe, we supported the company in drafting a detailed export plan for one year ahead; all of which will help to conquer market X!


processed garlic




EU (general)

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence
  • Strategy Development


  • Internal analysis.
  • Potential market scan.
  • Supported in drafting a detailed export plan


  • Tailor-made report and presentation including:
    • internal/external analysis;
    • market selection model;
    • conclusion of market selection;
    • details of the selected market "X";
    • export marketing plan to conquer market "X".