Export Readiness Checker and virtual showroom optimization for Myantrade

As part of the Private Sector Development (PSD) project in Myanmar, entitled 'Strengthening Capacities of the Private Sector in Myanmar’ Globally Cool supported GIZ in delivering key technical inputs and training for the establishment of two new trade-related informational services for MSMEs and building the capacity of Myantrade to implement them.

In close collaboration with Myantrade we co-created an online Export Readiness Checker. This is a user-friendly self-assessment which allows micro and small-sized entrepreneurs to assess their export readiness against a set of criteria. Based on the results Myantrade will provide tailored advice and support to each entrepreneur.

Furthermore, we optimized the Myantrade virtual showroom. It displays exportable products and suppliers from Myanmar by highlighting their unique elements. This facilitates connecting with prospective buyers.






Type of activity

  • Business Matching
  • Coaching
  • Strategy Development
  • Trade Intelligence Portals


For the Export Readiness Checker:

  • Development of 28 questions, corresponding options for multiple choice answers, and differentiation of different levels of readiness based on results for a generic Export Readiness Checker for Myanmar MSMEs.
  • Development of a service-script for Myantrade to advise MSMEs on (how to improve) their export readiness based on their answers for each question.
  • Delivery of a half-day online training for Myantrade staff to implement the service by themselves.

For the virtual showroom:

  • Delivery of a half-day online stocktaking workshop on the Myantrade showroom with key Myantrade staff.
  • Delivery of a half-day online training for key Myantrade staff on how to professionalize the Myantrade showroom based on the stocktaking workshop and international best practices.
  • Provision of recommendations for next steps on how to improve the Myantrade showroom.
  • Several Zoom meetings with Myantrade staff and stakeholders.


For the Export Readiness Checker:

  • Offering an optimized Export Readiness Checker (self-assessment) online.
  • Co-creation of 28 export readiness questions divided into 11 topics. The questions and answers will lead Myantrade to better understand if the MSME’s are ready for export. Moreover, it is valuable input for Myantrade’s services, advisory and training programs.
  • Delivery of a half-day online training for Myantrade staff to implement the service by themselves.

For the virtual showroom:

  • Delivery of two co-creation sessions with Myantrade staff, showcasing international best practices and recommendations for improving the Myantrade virtual showroom.
  • Delivery of practical recommendations for improvement of the showroom.