Export Quality Management Training MENA region

How to gain knowledge about the requirements in export markets? As part of a MENA-wide quality infrastructure improvement project by ISO, Globally Cool conducted two-day training sessions for organisations that are part of that quality infrastructure, along with Business Support Organisations. Also, some companies attended the workshops.

Trainings were organised in Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco; the average number of participants was 15.





Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia

Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Strategy Development


The workshops consisted of a mixture of presentations and assignments, with the first day more theory and the second day a strong focus on assignments. For each country we made customised assignments, relevant for the country's export portfolio and the workshop's participants.  For example, in Tunisia we took dates as lead product to illustrate the theory with trade-related standards specifically for dates, while in Jordan it was a mix of agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, and engineering industries.


Workshop participants improved their understanding of requirements in exports markets. Also, they got an introduction to relevant tools to get information on these requirements. Through the workshop, the trainers shared information and advised the participants on legal and regulatory issues in main export markets in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Last but not least, through gathering the private sector, business support organisations (BSO's) and quality infrastructure institutes (NQI institutes) in the same room, they got a better understanding of how they can support each other and the private sector in the first place.