Export quality management training for food sector in Kyrgyzstan

Did you know the Kyrgyz Republic is recognized for its processed foods like honey, dried fruits, and nuts? Along with relevant quality infrastructure organisations (NQI institutes), and Business Support Organisations (BSOs), we contributed to a two-day training session for exporters with a focus on these food products.

One of our specialties is Export Quality Management, and we trained Kyrgyz exporters to get a head-start on these and other relevant topics. More than 40 people attended the European market access requirement training sessions to learn the ins and outs for their specific products.


Honey, dried fruits, nuts




Kyrgyz Republic

Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Market Intelligence


We prepared custom training materials for the honey, dried fruits, and nuts sector.

During the two-day workshop in Kyrgyzstan, we conducted a mixture of presentations and assignments. We guided the participants in:

  • identifying the main quality standards impacting their export potential.
  • finding and using key sources of relevant information on European quality standards.
  • determining where they stand at the moment.
  • experiencing how quality-infrastructure and business support networks can help producers in Kyrgyzstan.


Workshop participants improved their understanding of export market requirements. Also, they got an introduction to tools to get information on these requirements. The trainers also advised the participants on legal and regulatory issues in main export markets in Europe.

Through bringing relevant BSOs and NQI institutes from Kyrgyzstan together, the participants got a better understanding of how they can collaborate, supporting each other and the private sector in Kyrgyzstan.