Export Potential Analysis for Perurvian Coffee and Cocoa

As part of a program to enhance the quality and export performance of the coffee and cocoa value chains in Peru, we performed an extensive market potential study.

We defined the best markets (existing and new export destinations) for exports from Peru, key supply chain characteristics as well as specific challenges and opportunities in the destination markets. This led to recommendations in terms of growing Peruvian exports, optimising product and value chain characteristics, growth projections and follow-up actions to seize the estimated potential.


Coffee, green beans, cocoa, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa paste





Type of activity

  • Consulting


  • In-depth desk research on the current status of the value chain, general trade flows and channels, international market trends and characteristics
  • Extensive quantitative research on current export performance of Peruvian coffee and cocoa;
  • Development of tailored best market selection model - and applied to define best markets for exports from Peru
  • Eight interviews performed with market / sector experts to validate and enrich findings of our model, discuss value chain characteristics, challenges and improvements


  • For both the coffee and cocoa sector in Peru, our extensive analyses led to:
    • Selection of the best markets for export growth (including existing and emerging export destinations).
    • Selection of best products for exports (within the sector).
    • Projections for growth over the coming years (per product and sector).
    • Summary of market characteristics for the best markets (buyer requirements, certifications, consumer trends, etc.).
    • Recommendations for improving the value chain and overcome identified bottlenecks.
    • Practical advice to generate quick wins regarding the marketing mix and market entry strategies.