Enhancing the business and marketing strategy of INNOQ Mozambique

In its mission to become independent from the Mozambican government, the metrology institute 'Instituto Nacional de Normalização e Qualidade (INNOQ)' looked for further improvement of its business and marketing strategy. Commissioned by UNIDO, we helped through a number of activities focused on strategizing, business development and capacity building.

The project's primary focus was to gain insights into INNOQ's current business strategy, the perception of its services, branding, and marketing among its clients, and any additional needs related to these areas. This exploration was carried out through a two-day focus group discussion, which paved the way for the creation of a comprehensive advisory report on INNOQ's business, branding, and marketing strategies.

With the branding and marketing gaps being identified by the focus groups, our consultants conducted four trainings to build capacity within the Visuals and Communications department of INNOQ. The training covered the following subjects:

  • Branding and promotion
  • Website optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media management

To ensure an effective learning experience, the training approach adopted blended learning, combining webinars and homework assignments. This methodology enabled the INNOQ team to improve their overall strategy and marketing content.

Moreover, the project included the development of modernised logo concepts, taking into account the specific needs and preferences of the INNOQ team. Alongside this, several marketing concepts were created, encompassing visual templates, textual content, and content calendars.



2022 – 2023



Type of activity

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Coaching
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Intelligence


  • The project team started by conducting focus groups in Maputo to better understand the needs of INNOQ's clients. Through these discussions, the team gained valuable insights to align INNOQ's services with the market demands and expectations.
  • Additionally, the team held focus group discussions with key representatives from INNOQ, aiming to identify the institute's strengths and areas for improvement. This open exchange of ideas helped shape strategies to foster growth and development.
  • The project also included virtual training sessions covering branding, website optimisation, search engine optimisation, and social media management. These sessions equipped INNOQ's team members with relevant knowledge to navigate the digital landscape effectively.
  • To enhance INNOQ's branding, the project team developed modernised logo concepts that captured the essence of the institute's identity while presenting a fresh visual representation.
  • Furthermore, visually appealing templates and content calendars were created for INNOQ's social media channels, ensuring a consistent and professional online presence.


Among the results are:

  • A comprehensive report in which we provided insights and recommendations to guide INNOQ's future business strategy. It offered strategic direction and informed decision-making, helping the institute strengthen its market position, explore new opportunities, and better cater to the needs of its clients.
  • We've built the capacity of the Visuals and Communication department. Through various training sessions and workshops, team members acquired new skills across different marketing areas and this capacity building empowered them to implement the project's recommendations effectively.
  • Additionally, the project improved INNOQ's online communication channels. The use of visually appealing templates and content calendars ensured consistent and timely communication with their audience.