Enhancing Bahamian hot sauce and spice supplier D’vanya’s digital marketing

Being a well-known hot sauce and spices brand in The Bahamas for 20 years, D’vanya’s found it was time to expand in international markets. Online marketing and promotion are essential to boost sales and online visibility towards international buyers. Therefore, the company defined the ambition to improve its online presence in export markets and increase the focus on digitalising their business.

However, due to the global pandemic, D’vanya’s faced several challenges. Thanks to Carib-Export’s (Caribbean Export and Investment Agency) Direct Support Grants Programme, D’vanya’s was able to reach financial aid to achieve its strategic objectives.

The digital marketing activities Globally Cool and D’vanya’s conducted also contributed to the objectives of the Regional Private Sector Development Programme, whose goals are to increase employment creation and reduce poverty.


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Type of activity

  • Digital Marketing


The Globally Cool experts conducted several digital marketing activities:

  • We assessed the website and social media channels to uncover areas for improvement. These assessments consist of checklists based on experience, good practices and usability research.
  • We coached D’vanya’s staff on the implementation of quick wins. These interactive presentations helped the team to make the first steps.
  • To enhance the knowledge of the team, we conducted some virtual training sessions on various digital marketing subjects, ranging from effective website content and SEO to social media and content planning.
  • We assisted in setting up and enhancing their social media channels.
  • Posting calendars and the creation of visual content helped D’vanya’s to become more and more visible through social media.


As a result, we improved the online presence of D’vanya’s and they were able to reach a broader audience with a consistent content flow on Facebook and Instagram. This has led to more business leads and a higher position in the search engine result pages.