Elevating the online presence of UCHU Spice

We first met the enthusiastic team of UCHU Spice from Ecuador and Peru during the Globally Cool Academy course, “Optimize your digital marketing,” commissioned by IPD. During the webinar series, UCHU Spice optimized their website and social media presence. Next to that, they spent time creating an extensive keyword research sheet. The course also helped them understand why blogging on a regular basis is important. The challenge was to keep working on digital marketing, and that is where Globally Cool team members came into play.

In a 10-month period, we supported UCHU Spice in their digital marketing. The objectives were to:

  • Optimize the usability and SEO of the website leading to more visits and business contacts.
  • Generate fresh content for enhanced website engagement and authority of UCHU Spice as a pepper (products) producer.
  • Manage social media actively, leading to an enlarged audience, increased interaction, and traffic to the website.
  • Optimize marketing content for (digital) events.



2020 – 2021


Ecuador, Peru

Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Digital Marketing


  • Enhanced the website, uchuspice.com, by creating landing pages for peppers and products, creating relevant ALT tags, and creating relevant title tags and meta-descriptions.
  • Created a blog post calendar and successfully executed a writing and publishing plan following that schedule.
  • Created a social media calendar and wrote and published a social media post for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram once a week.
  • Created three LinkedIn ad campaigns.
  • Delivered a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation.
  • Delivered a mid-term report and a report at the end of the project period with in-depth insights.


  • 57% more visitors to the website, 54% more pageviews, and 18% more leads on the contact page.
  • Reached the #1 spot in Google searches for longtail keywords, such as “sustainable produced hot pepper products” and “hot pepper products social impact”.
  • 68% more visits via search engines, 394% more visits via social media, and 38% more visits via referral websites.
  • 185 clicks on LinkedIn ads.
  • Growing audience and engagement for social media channels.