Dissemination workshop processed mango and cashew nuts for APEX Burkina Faso

CBI conducts a multi-year processed mango and cashew nuts programme in Burkina Faso and its goals is, among others, to:

  • Strengthen the Export Enabling Environment (EEE) in Burkina Faso via support to the mango sector associations (PTRAMAB);
  • Increase EU market connections via support to APEX Burkina Faso with systems for digital market connections.

To professionalise the team of APEX Burkina Faso, Globally Cool supported in preparing a dissemination workshop as part of this programme.

This project was focused on a dissemination workshop on CBI’s Market Intelligence factsheets and the objectives were:

  • To facilitate the dissemination of CBI’s tailored MI factsheets in French.
  • To learn APEX how to present factsheets to companies.
  • To link APEX with the mango sector association PTRAMAB and use this presentation as a test case for APEX to disseminate information via a sector association.


Mangoes, cashew nuts




Burkina Faso

Type of activity

  • Coaching


We guided and coached APEX in:

  • Preparing and delivering a one-hour dissemination workshop on CBI’s MI factsheets for processed mango at the Assemblée General of PTRAMAB in Bobo Dioulasso.
  • Applying interactive presentation techniques.
  • Focusing on the essentials.
  • Coordinating with PTRAMAB, CBI and CBI’s experts.
  • Organise occasions to present the other CBI factsheets on cashew nuts.


APEX has successfully delivered two CBI MI dissemination workshops for members of the mango and cashew associations in Burkina Faso.