Development of online marketing strategy for Cownexxion

Dairy farm consultancy agency Cownexxion from the Netherlands has wide experience and knowledge of dairy farming—from cattle management, to feed management, and all other aspects relevant for successful dairy farming. The company operates globally and frequently works with businesses in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Belgium.

To be more successful online, Globally Cool consultants helped Cownexxion identify quick wins for the website. We also conducted a training to put learnings into practice.



2020 – 2021


The Netherlands

Type of activity

  • Digital Marketing


  1. Website assessment by our team, resulting in a report with recommendations and quick wins.
  2. Cownexxion attended a training based on our assessment, showing the results, accessory theory, and background. During the training, we discussed recommendations, quick wins, and the assessment checklist with scoring and explanation. In the training, many aspects of our dedicated online marketing training passed the discussion:
  • From marketing strategy to website strategy, homepage success factors, UVPs.
  • Website goals, service pages, about us page.
  • Website usability.
  • SEO: keywords, content, metatags, other success factors.
  • Social media usage and tips for the best platforms.
  • Towards a digital marketing strategy.


The project resulted in a better understanding of how the Cownexxion team should optimise the website to generate more international leads. Cownexxion will now take this further.