Content support Bahamas Trade Info

In November 2016, we developed and launched a trade information portal together with the Bahamas Ministry of Financial Services, Trade & Industry and Immigration, and Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation. Ever since, the portal has served as a one-stop-shop supporting Bahamian businessmen in growing and diversifying sustainable exports.

To further engage Bahamian entrepreneurs, we recently supported the trade portal team in setting up an Instagram and Twitter profile. Also, we coached the team in creating a social media content calendar.

The goal of the social media channels is to spark the conversation and then lead readers to the portal. Since Bahamas Trade Info only was active on YouTube and Facebook, we helped set up new channels on Instagram and Twitter to reach a broader audience.

The content support also included setting up a social media posting calendar, creating Instagram templates for a consistent look & feel and adding extra RSS feeds to the already existing landing page with trade-related news from a selection of sources.






Type of activity

  • Digital Marketing
  • Trade Intelligence Portals


We supported the team with the following:

  • Adding eight new RSS feeds to the website, focussed on trade facilitation.
  • Adding the social media links for Instagram and Twitter to the footer and header on the portal.
  • Creating a ‘Link in bio’ page with room for the latest Instagram posts, as well as the latest news and a link to the portal. We also provided a manual for adding content to this page.
  • Creating a social media posting calendar with topics, post suggestions and guidelines.
  • Sharing six Instagram templates with logo via Canva to create a consistent overview.


As a result of the project:

  • More trade facilitation-related news items are displayed at
  • You can follow Bahamas Trade Info via and
  • The link in bio page can be found at