CBI tailored market study IT & Business Process Outsourcing – 2019

In 2019, Globally Cool explored the European market for IT Enabled Services (ITES) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Senegal and Uganda for the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI).

Our study consists of three sections:

  1. ITES and BPO opportunities in the European market
    First of all, we analyzed the European demand for ITES and BPO activities. We identify the vertical (industries) and horizontal (services) segments of the European market with the most opportunities. We then continue with an extensive exploration of the opportunities in individual European countries, based on factors such as market size, openness to outsourcing and skills shortages within Europe.
  2. European opportunities and obstacles for specific ITES and BPO in Senegal and Uganda
    The study continues with a deeper focus on the European market for inbound marketing services, call (contact) centre services and human resource services. It identifies opportunities and obstacles for Senegalese and Ugandan service providers by analysing market demand, trends, competition, market channels, marketing methods, competitive advantages and USPs.
  3. How can Senegalese and Ugandan ITES companies seize opportunities in the European market?
    Finally, the study discusses how to seize the identified opportunities in the European market and tackle potential obstacles. We recommend the most promising market channels, explain how to find potential customers, illustrate suitable export promotion activities and finally, give some key tips on how to do business in European markets.


inbound marketing services, call (contact) centre services and human resource services




EU (general), Senegal, Uganda

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


Among the activities are:

  • Desk research using data from reputable industry sources.
  • Interviews with associations in key EU markets.
  • Interviews with companies that outsource the three services the study focuses on.
  • Interviews with various (CBI) sector experts.


We have delivered a tailored EU outsourcing market study aimed at service providers from Senegal and Uganda, with a focus on inbound marketing services, call (contact) centre services and human resource services.