CBI Market Intelligence on Apparel – 2018

Our market intelligence on exporting apparel to Europe supports suppliers (from developing countries) who would like to enter the European market. It provides them with up-to-date information and concrete tips.

1) In 2018, we put together a new special study on technology for the apparel sector. In addition, we upgraded CBI’s study on changes in the apparel supply chain.

2) Our product-specific research covers trends, statistics, buyer requirements, competition, market channels and segments and price information. It also includes an extensive product description.

We also upgraded the product factsheets for five types of apparel and created new market intelligence on Islamic wear and outerwear.


adaptive clothing, apparel for 50-plus consumers, fast fashion, shapewear, sustainable apparel, Islamic wear, outerwear




Developing countries

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


  • Analysis of trade statistics on:
    • imports into Europe (from developing countries specifically).
    • imports into leading European countries (from developing countries specifically).
    • leading suppliers within developing countries.
    • exports from Europe.
    • production in Europe.
    • consumption in Europe.
    • developments over the last five years.
  • Analysis of real private consumption expenditure growth in Europe.
  • Analysis of additional indicators and sources.
  • Interviews with sector experts.
  • Desk research using information from sector associations, apparel trade reports and magazines, webinars, social media, etc.


  • Sector-wide intelligence on:
    • technology for the apparel sector.
    • changes in the apparel supply chain.
  • Product factsheets on:
    • adaptive clothing.
    • apparel for 50-plus consumers.
    • fast fashion.
    • shapewear.
    • sustainable apparel.
    • Islamic wear.
    • outerwear.