CBI Market Intelligence on tourism – 2017

Globally Cool regularly performs market research for the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI). Our extensive portfolio on attracting European tourists supports suppliers (from developing countries) who would like to enter the European market. It provides them with up-to-date information and concrete tips.

1) In 2017, we delivered sector modules and analysed:

  • Trends – key trends like the increasing interest in authentic, personalised and sustainable travel.
  • Buyer requirements – a comprehensive list of legal and non-legal requirements.
  • Tourism statistics – the demand from Europe and its individual countries, as well as the performance of developing country destinations.
  • Competition – the competitive landscape, including opportunities, barriers and power dynamics, as well as potential rivals and substitutes.
  • Market channels and segments – the key channels and segments that offer opportunities.

In addition, we upgraded our research on the need for sustainable tourism suppliers and online payment methods.

2) Our research on specific tourism segments also covers trends, buyer requirements, tourism statistics, competition, market channels and segments. In addition, it includes an extensive product description and price information. In 2017, we upgraded our factsheets on 6 popular tourism segments.

3) In addition to popular tourism segments, we analysed several key traveller groups: LGBTQ travellers, single parents, millennials, travellers with accessibility needs and Eastern European travellers.


sustainable tourism, volcano tourism, accessible tourism, birdwatching tourism, dive tourism, exclusive tourism experiences, online payment methods, tourism from emerging Eastern European markets, promising target groups (single parents, millennials, groups), physical wellness tourism, wildlife tourism, LGBT travel




Developing countries, EU (general)

Type of activity

  • Consulting
  • Market Intelligence


  • Analysis of outbound tourism statistics from the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)
    • outbound trips from Europe (in total and per member state).
    • trips to developing countries (in total, per member state and per capita).
    • leading suppliers within developing countries.
    • developments over the last five years.
  • Analysis of outbound tourism expenditure per European country.
  • Analysis of additional indicators and sources to determine opportunities per tourism segment and traveller group.
  • Interviews with sector experts.
  • Trade fair visits.
  • Desk research using information from sector associations, travel trade reports and magazines, webinars, social media, etc.


  • Sector-wide intelligence on:
    • trends.
    • buyer requirements.
    • tourism statistics.
    • competition.
    • market channels & segments.
    • the need for sustainable suppliers.
    • online payment methods.
  • Factsheets on the specific tourism segments of:
    • volcano tourism.
    • birdwatching tourism.
    • dive tourism.
    • exclusive tourism experiences.
    • physical wellness tourism.
    • wildlife tourism.
  • Analysis of key traveller groups:
    • LGBTQ travel.
    • accessible tourism.
    • tourism from emerging Eastern European markets.
    • promising target groups (single parents, millennials, groups).