Capacity building on digital marketing for Indonesian seafood and other sectors

SIPPO strengthens the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and the Ministry of Trade (MOT) in their export promotion services in the seafood and technical wood sector.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MOT and MMAF have not been participating in many international export promotion programmes. Leaning into digital is the solution and Globally Cool was assigned to support with capacity building for both MMAF and MOT to enhance their digital marketing initiatives.

To find an alternate promotion channel, both MMAF and MOT are developing a website. MMAF is developing to promote Indonesian seafood and similarly, MOT committed itself to create This digital marketing platform provides alternatives for the Indonesian private sector to promote itself and connect to buyers in international markets.

To expand the outreach of these websites, Globally Cool was commissioned by SIPPO to optimize the websites through 3 training sessions and 12 coaching sessions with the digital marketing teams of MMAF and Ina Export.


Seafood, technical wood





Type of activity

  • Coaching
  • Digital Marketing


  1. To prepare the workshops, we:
    • Assessed the MMAF and MOT websites and listed improvement points.
    • Gathered examples of successful digital promotion activities from other countries. We looked for best practices in doing online promotion, web optimization (to run advertisements to increase web traffic and obtain qualified leads), and human resources for implementation of digital marketing.
    • Prepared presentation material for MOT and MMAF.
  2. We delivered capacity building to MMAF and MOT officers by:
    • Sharing key success factors in digital marketing, good practices and findings from the assessment of the MMAF and MOT platforms.
    • Gaining feedback from the representatives regarding the importance of capacity building on digital marketing.
    • Observing and seeking commitment for investment of human and financial resources in digital marketing.
  3. The coaching program consisted of:
    • Preparation of coaching material for virtual coaching via Zoom.
    • Providing an e-learning dashboard.
    • 12 Coaching sessions for MOT and MMAF.
    • Report on coaching progress.


  1. Website scan document for listing improvement areas and quick wins.
  2. Presentation via Zoom of the assessment of, including the next steps for MMAF. 100 attendees from MMAF, Indonesian fishery businesses, and relevant associations participated in the session.
  3. Website scan document for listing improvement areas and quick wins.
  4. Presentation via Zoom of the assessment of, including the next steps for MOT.
  5. Overhaul of website Indonesia Fisheries design and URL. To emphasize and focus more on the seafood sector, MMAF agreed to change the branding of the previous Indonesia Fisheries website to The new domain URL resulted in the first-page ranking of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), whereas the old domain ranked on the 10th page of the SERP.
  6. A conversion funnel for the Ina Export website. The old website showed an 85% bounce rate and more than 60% drop-offs. One of the main reasons for this where the dead-end pages and the lack of call-to-actions on the website. The new homepage is driving website visitors to the most important information first, by providing clear call-to-action buttons, for example to the ‘Our Supplier’ page.
  7. A prominent feature of unique selling points of Ina Export. On the previous homepage, there were no convincing facts for buyers to do business with Indonesian exporters. During the coaching, the Ina Export team successfully selected the unique selling points and featured them on the homepage.
  8. The Ina Export website has a substantially improved website with better usability and clear navigation in place.